About Kingdom Learning

Kingdomlearning.org was birthed out of a vision to effectively utilize the available distance education technology to effectively build leaders and equip them for effective cross-cultural ministry.

Our aim is not to use this site or technology as a new means of delivering content, but rather our desire is to provide a venue and process for transformational learning that can overcome many of the barriers today to effective leadership development.  These barriers are often geography, isolation, and overly cognitive or disconnected approaches to learning.

We desire to provide a healthy balance of challenge and support that can contribute to greater maturity and growth.  We value the place of challenging content and material for participants just as much as we do the  coaching and peer collaboration that along with challenge can result in change and transformation.

Kingdomlearning.org is part of the Epic Movement‘s vision to build mature and fruitful Kingdom leaders for the sake of planting spiritual movements everywhere so that every student and person around the world knows someone who truly is following Jesus.

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