Leadership Coaching Group Opportunity!

by KL Admin on August 17, 2010

Are you interested in being a part of a leadership coaching group for the coming year?

We will be launching a Leadership Learning/Coaching Group this November, which will carry through August of 2011.

Right now we are targeting a group size of 6-8 people for this inaugural journey.  If you find some of the themes that are discussed and consistently revisited on this blog compelling and motivating, this may be a great opportunity for you to go a little deeper into them with a few other quality people.  If you know someone that would be all about this opportunity, please let them know about this as well!

We believe this will be a highly rewarding and enjoyable process and we’re excited to see what comes of it.   Read below for a summary of the vision, intended outcomes, and basic structure of the 10 month time line for those interested in this opportunity.

Here’s the breakdown of the Kingdom Learning Leadership Coaching Group:

Purpose: To provided a guided leadership learning journey and experience in community centered around leadership formation in the context of teams and organizations for the purpose of building leadership capacity and wisdom.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Develop a basic foundation and working knowledge of family/congregational systems theory as it relates to teams, congregations, or organizations.
  • Develop a holistic paradigm of leadership formation that integrates spiritual maturity, emotional maturity, and identity.
  • Develop a strong foundation and framework for empowering others and being a servant-leader in identity and practice.

Structure & Details:

  • Roughly a 9-10 month time-table.
  • Who?  Available to to Epic Movement, CCC Staff, and any other leader who is motivated by the intended outcomes.
  • Monthly Commitment of 16-18 hours or 4-5 hrs/week.  Video Conf. Call (2 hrs), Movie (2 hrs), Reading (8-10 hrs), Discussion Forum & Assignments (2-4 hrs)
  • Cost:  Free apart from cost of several books and several movie rentals and headset perhaps for video conference calls.
  • Monthly conference call/video chat (2-3 hrs) covering reading and other assignments for the month and to discuss key themes covered that month.
  • Books and readings (4-5 books; roughly 10 hrs reading per month)
  • Movies and Media (1 movie per month)
  • One Monthly Kingdom Learning Online Discussion Forum to have ongoing dialogue between conference calls related to readings, learning moments, and media based discussion.

This not an official enterprise of “Epic Movement” or “Campus Crusade for Christ.”  However, we will give priority to any Epic Movement staff that would like to explore this though we would prefer everyone to be engaged in leadership in some way or on a leadership team on some level.  There will likely be a bias towards the ministry context, but I believe it will be relevant and just as friendly to other leadership contexts. We’re gauging interest right now.

Email me at bvirtue@gmail.com if you would like to request a spot or if you are seriously considering this opportunity so I can gauge some of the interest.  And feel free to inquire about any more details that might be helpful for you.


Stay Tuned for Fall Course Offerings

by KL Admin on May 20, 2009

We’ve just completed our first year of offering online ministry training and education.  We hosted 4 different courses that included about 35 staff and students from around the country.  Thanks to those that participated!

We are launching a new course in the fall entitled “Discipleship for Transformation.” Stay tuned for registration dates and course summary.

Our next offering of “Epic Movement Launching” will begin in February of 2010, but we are considering an independent study option for those interested in the fall.


Spring Registration is Now Open!

by KL Admin on December 16, 2008

On February 16th we will be launching TWO versions of our Epic Movement Launching Course.

The first will be a course designed for Epic student leaders desiring to be trained and equipped to launch movements on their campus (or another campus!).  The second will be for Epic interns and staff who have yet to complete the course as part of their Epic ministry training.

For students, the cost of the course is $35.  Students can register for $25 if you are registering with your leadership team of 3 or more.  If you are registering as part of a leadership team taking the course, make sure you designate that on the first page of the registration or the discount will not apply.

Follow this link to the Epic Movement Launching Registration Page.

After registration and prior to the beginning of the course we will be contacting you with the proper access code to course in our online training center.

For current class listings you can visit: